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Which responsibilities do the “settling advisor” have?

Good settling advisors provide support to the entrepreneur which they require according to their aims in their business location. They assist them in finding the right location and communicate between  the entrepreneur and public authorities, administration or respective political bodies.

How much does the interested entrepreneur to be paid for these services?

Nothing! New settlements ensure additional tax incomes for the federal government, states and local authorities. They therefore reimburse our previous expenses.

Is there a business competition between the settling and private advisers?

No. Together, they complement each other. There could be ask many questions and be given answers. The company is always the focus for us - that's why we confidentially and francly discuss together all your questions in a direct conversation. We know the following terms of “relocation service”, “infrastructure”, “settlement” or “investment support” as well as these terms like “settlement”, “search for location”, or “investment”.

Our own demand will be defined as follows:

  • open doors for the entrepreneurs
  • healthy companies grow more easily and create new jobs
  • an enterprise-friendly atmosphere can be more important than short term financial support

Our focus areas are:

  • advisory support on settlement of companies
  • dvisory support on sales promotion of settled companies
  • advisory support for young alumni of the Brandenburg Technical University in Cottbus or the University of Applied Science Lausitz, which have innovative ideas concerning the start of their own company
  • cross-border business development

Let us look for the best way!

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