Settlement decisions are a matter of trust and long lasting strategic decisions making. If the board of management or entrepreneur, if publicly company or entrepreneur, there always has to be a balance of the multitude of factors in time, which will be presented successfully in the company at a later date. Decisions of locations will become important, if there are thousands of miles between the mother company and the new planned factory.

An early objective consultation on behalf of the company by the local business development agency can help to balance more easely these decisive factors to make an efficient decision of location. The Spree-Neisse district offers many good locations. However, not every location is suitable for the individual requirements of a branch or of a specific long lasting company aim.

A good settlement consultation is not only characterized by a consultation about a possible government aid but also by a consequent position on the company side.

Business development should not only understand and speak the language of the company – business development shall also represent the interests of it and often open many early doors in administration or with  political decision makers on behalf of the company.

The settling advisor for the district of Spree-Neisse will be paid for by taxes. They live on the trust of companies and administration. They know that only a successful settlement secures jobs of long duration, gains taxes and that new companies will be promoted to customers or suppliers in the region for successful companies.

Our policy will not avoid the worldwide competition between the locations. But we will always stand on the side of these companies which see the success of a company as a success of the ambitious region of Lausitz between Berlin and Dresden.

Because we strive for the same vision and success, you should consult us!

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