About us

The Centrum for Inovation and Technology was established as a private fully-owned subsidiary of the district Spree-Neiße in Brandenburg in November 1993. We do all of the work of the regional economic developement agency for the Spree-Neiße district. Our competencies within the areas of traditional economic developement, Technology and Buisiness Incubation Centre, promotion of setting up a buisiness, centre of excellence for renewable resources and textiles as well as in the German-Polish Euro-centre.

The CIT was founded in 1993. Currently we have 7 employees. They are experienced in the following areas: freelance work, collaboration with small and medium sized companies, developement, implememntation, realization and settlement of projects which are financed by the Europian Union, the federal states and the countries.

Our employees are compentent in foreign languages such as Polish, English, Italien and Russian. The technical equipment of the company is up to date in terms of comunication and IT.

Contact Person

Mrs Theresa Kahle

Mrs Theresa Kahle


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