For digitalisation

Develop. Extend. Connect.


High-capacity broadband-networks for fast information and know-how-transfer are the condition for economic growth. They are so important in the meantime for the economy and the society, that like transport links or gas, water and power distribution networks, broadband is an important location factor for the settlement of companies and families. In our district the underprovided areas (“white spots“) have been reduced in the last two years.

  • We support the creation of fast internet access for the households and companies in our district.
  • We advise the local authorities about the technical development and possibilities of government aid.
  • We welcome references where fast internet access is not provided (≥2 Mbit/s).

In the recent months many projects in our district were put into practice in order to provide broadband connections in the rural areas, like in Klein and Groß Bademeusel, districts of Spremberg and Drewitz and in the department Döbern-Land as well as the municipalities of Kolkwitz and Schmogrow-Fehrow. Further projects will follow.

At the present time mobile communication companies are building new networks on the basis of the mobile communication standards of the 4th generation, the so-called LTE (Long Term Evolution) in our district, too.

They shall be built in regions in particular, where there are no available broadband networks.