Project Objective:

Our project goal includes operationalizing the revised DigComp framework, promoting its application in VET systems, and modernizing the VET system to meet the evolving needs of the labor market.

We provide innovative content, training modules, and capacity building methodologies for online instruction, blended learning, and distance learning.


Duration of the project:

01/11/2022 - 31/10/2024

Project partners:

  • Centrum für Innovation und Technologie GmbH (Germany)
  • d-ialogo (Germany)
  • Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl (Belgium)
  • IDP SAS di Giancarlo Costantino (Italian Development Partners) (Italy)
  • Internet Web Solutions SL (Spain)
  • Knolyx Tech (Romania)
  • ADN Institute (Poland)

Project activities:

  • development of a "DigComp4VET framework": secondary research and analysis of best practices to address the challenges of digitization of vocational education and training
  • development of learning materials and resources aligned to the "DigComp" (Digital Competences) reference framework for the qualification of VET providers
  • development and testing of a training course with 120 participants and establishment of a "digital warehouse
  • development of guidelines and a mainstreaming strategy for the replicability and multiplier effect of the project results.

Project Roadshow:

  • November 2022 - 1st project partner meeting (virtual)
  • January 2023 - 2nd project partner meeting in Brussels (Belgium)

What do you want to achieve by implementing the project?

  • contribute to the resilience and relevance of the European VET system through the implementation of the digital competence framework in VET
  • to derive a double benefit from the operationalization of the EU DigComp framework and DigCompEdu while improving the competitiveness of the VET system
  • contribute to the modernization and flexibilization of opportunities in the VET system in both formal and non-formal settings.

Explore our project website: https://www.digcomp4vet.com/