Kick-Off Athen

The Centrum für Innovation und Technologie GmbH (CIT GmbH) participated in the kick-off meeting of the DataPRO project “Upgrading the EU Data Protection Sector with new Skills” during the 26th - 27th September 2018 in Athens. Under the coordination of the Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce (UHCC), the DataPRO project was opened on 26 September in the premises of the UHCC and on 27 September on the campus of the Metropolitan College (AMC).

The DataPRO Project was successfully granted by EACEA’s KA3 “Joint Qualifications in Vocational Education and Training” and its aim is to incorporate the new digital mentality that is being shaped under GDPR 2016/679 to companies, employees and young learners, while responding to the fragmented certification system in the field.

DataPRO objective is to enhance transparency and harmonization of skills and qualifications in EU data protection Sector through:

  • the setting-up of two new Joint VET Curricula (with strong Work-based Learning),
  • the creation of a standardized VET Certification for Data Protection Officers (DPOs) that will foster cross-border, transnational and interregional mobility,
  • the development of an online web platform for “Data Protection Employees”

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