ComPass 2016– Experience transfer in personnel competence building in the matter of „Tourism for All/Accessible Tourism“

Project goals:
The aim of the project is to develop a targeted, practice-oriented exchange of experience between tourism operators of the participating European partner regions on the general subject: “Training and qualification requirements for employees of micro and small tourism enterprises in Accessible tourism” with the help of training and further training experiences.

Key aspects are amongst others:

  • Professional qualification in high-priced tourism regions
  • Tourism for ethnic minorities
  • Tourism for the so-called “3rd Generation”
  • Necessary management knowledge

Project duration:

  • 10/2016 – 03/2019, 30 Months

Project partners:

Problems identified by the partners:

  • Lack of awareness of tourism providers, particularly in small and smallest tourism companies regarding the qualification requirements in "tourism for all/Accessible tourism"
  • Partial absence of effective, informal education and training approaches and methods of improving staff skills on "Tourism for all/Accessible tourism"

Project activities:

  • 6 learning and experience exchanges between regional tourism entrepreneurs of the participating partner regions through the implementation of 5 day on-site visits (so-called mobility) with the aim of acquiring ideas and getting to know good practices and methods, develop and strengthen networks and to gather experiences of the transnational collaboration

Project roadshow:

  • October 2016: First experience exchange in Burg (Spreewald) (DE) - see the report 
  • May 2017: Second experience exchange in Třinec (CZ) - see the report
  • October 2017: Third experience exchange in Santander (ES) - see the report

Funded by the European Union under the Erasmus Plus program - cooperation for innovation and exchange of best practices - KA2 Strategic Partnerships

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